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We know parenthood and new babies require more dexterity than a circus performer. Sunny Side steps in at the time you need it the most.


There are few things quite as sweet as a newborn. There are also few things quite as exhausting as caring for one.. Support during this time makes all the difference.


We will see to all of your baby’s needs throughout the evening and night so that you can be the one who sleeps like a baby, for a change!


New baby, same annual doctor’s appointment? Hire a seasoned Newborn Care Specialist to give your little one some TLC while you get yours (and get used to leaving your  little one for short periods of time!)


Sometimes a sleep regression turns into a sleep strike!  Our certified sleep coach will help get your baby sleep through the night so you can too!

Virtual Services Available

Are you searching for a nanny but don't know where to begin? We can guide you in your hunt for your very own full time Mary Poppins.


Expecting a new little one but 

unsure who is going to care for your babies earthside?  Let us tackle the home front so you can focus on the arrival of your newest.

Jillian's patient and kind way of guiding them assured me that she had done this before. Her early childhood education and knowledge of growth and development was very apparent. I could tell she had navigated this fine line before with her other children & clients and knew her stuff. She was open and honest about her experience and knew how to suggest something without being bossy or pushy. She always put Josie first and found a way to express what she thought Josie needed without pushing you or your ideas away. She is truly a baby whisperer. I know that Kate and Jason’s family became stronger because she was part of it.

-Colleen Clopeck


I have learned more about child care from Jillian than from anyone else in my life. She is truly a fountain of knowledge when it comes to young kids. Her patience, her base knowledge of child development and parenting theories, and her warmth make her uniquely suited to care for infants and toddlers. In addition to her child care skills, she is one of the most organized people I know; anything important in her life is recorded via Excel spreadsheet. This makes her an incredible candidate to grow with a family; I have watched her take on additional household responsibilities without ever lessening her standard of care for the kids. She is the definition of a team-player, and would thrive in a family that values clear, open communication.

-Alyson Swift