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Image by Minnie Zhou

Sometimes a sleep regression turns into a sleep strike and the whole family feels it. Rest assured (literally) that we can get everyone back on track. Our sleep coaching program is built to help babies learn to self soothe and sleep like the angels they are- night and day. 


  • one complimentary 1 hour phone consultation where will will customize a package to your needs

  • a 3 hour parent and  caregiver training which included a personalized, easy to follow plan

  • empowering your baby to sleep up to 12 hours a night and take daily naps totaling 2–3.5 hours

  • creating a peaceful sleep environment that allows baby to get their deepest, most restorative sleep

  • uncovering the root cause of the sleep disruptions and get back on track

  • feeling confident following a thoughtful, clear, and thorough sleep plan that covers nighttime, nap time, and regressions

  • Friday 6pm-6am; Saturday 6pm-6am; Sunday 6pm-9pm

  • unlimited text and phone support for 2 weeks post training

Please note: sleep training is only available for babies over 14 pounds and older than 3 months.

Image by Helena Lopes

Same great support without in the in home service.​Through a combination of strategic sleep learning and step-by-step guidance, Sunny Side offers an effective solution to the debilitating problem of sleep deprivation for families around the country.



  • an easy to follow sleep training plan that is personalized for your family and goals

  • personalized recommendations & advice

  • nursery tour & setup

  • daily schedule with breakdown of routines

  • step-by-step instructions for getting your little one to sleep through the night

  • tips on surviving setbacks & regressions

  • 1 week of unlimited text and e-mail support after training

  • one 30-minute support call

  • Guarantee: If you follow the plan and still want in person training, this fee will be deducted from the cost of in-person sleep training

Please note: sleep training is only available for babies over 14 pounds and older than 4 months.

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