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Here at Sunny Side, we work to provide growing families with support from a trained professional who provides evidence-based support about newborns, infant feeding, partner and sibling care, safe sleep and emotional support during the postpartum period.  Every family is different which is why we believe in customizing care to match your needs. Whether you need four nights of restful sleep a week or a few hours during the day to rest, we provide an experienced, compassionate support system that you can be confident in. We chose to specialize in postpartum care because we understand the importance support plays in the lives of new families. We’re devoted to giving families the best start possible through the promise of sleep, empowerment, and evidence based support.


We serve families of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, marital status, ages, and immigration status in Boston and surrounding suburbs. 

We offer a sliding scale on all services to ensure our services are accessible to every family.

Image by Taisiia Shestopal

Sunny Side Postpartum Care prides themselves on providing top notch professional family care. We strive to connect with every family through engagement and intentional support. We aim to create empathetic beings who are able to hold and regulate their own emotions and we believe this starts from the beginning. We strive to support every parent by providing empathic, genuine support and assistance. 




Jillian is an enormously creative and energetic nanny! She will often send me photos midday of their exploits – off hiking on a sunny spring afternoon, or at the beach on a warm fall day, or out apple picking! She also comes up with the most amazing things to do with the kids at home. We come home to find the house filled with artwork – the kids have been painting pumpkins, or making Christmas ornaments out of popsicle sticks (this year) and cinnamon (last – those ornaments still smell lovely!), or painting with Legos. She puts a ton of time and research into thinking of age-appropriate and educational activities. She takes her job very seriously.

-Jane Herr

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